Parts list for building a cigar box guitar

There are often many questions from folks asking where they can find a certain component or piece of hardware needed to build a cigar box guitar. So, I decided to compose a list of different pieces, complete with part numbers and links to web sites where they can be purchased. The sites I list are by no means the only place to purchase these items. Feel free to shop around and look for the best price. eBay is a good resource for this.

This is a work in progress, and I will be adding more items over time. I hope you find this useful!


Ferrules: These are inserted into the holes that are drilled in the tail piece some where to keep the strings from cutting into the wood over time. If I want a gold/brass colored ferrule, I use the brass inserts from Dubro servo mounting hardware found at most hobby stores.

If I want silver, I use 1/8 inch aluminum rivets from Ace Hardware. Just tap the shaft out and use the rivet part.

Neck wood. I use red oak 1×2 purchased at Home Depot. These usually come in 8-12 foot lengths, so I sift through the long pieces, looking for the ones that I can get a straight 3 foot length from, and then ask the attendant to cut them for me. It has been roughly $1.00 per foot, so a neck costs me about $3.00.

Tuners: You can get inexpensive tuners for under $10.00 or so for 6 of them, so that will make 2 three string guitars. I usually use the the economy open gear tuners from CBGitty.Com, since I like the vintage look of the exposed gears. But, you can pretty much use any tuners you like, for any price you like.


Brass Sound Hole Grommets: Brass 1/2 inch grommets for putting in sound holes. General grommet refills, 24 pack.–12-Pack__1261-4.aspx

Water Slide Decal Paper: Using this laser jet paper, you can print out an image on your laser printer, then cut out the image, soak it in water, and then slide the decal onto your guitar. After it dries, just spray it with a few coats of varnish or urethane.

Fret Wire: CB Gitty’s is a great place to get your fret wire, and they have excellent customer service. Update*** Gitty’s also carries economy tuners, ferrules/bushings, decorative hardware, and more!!

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