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Joe Becker Music

I built a 6 string CBG using a leftover neck, and a black Cohiba cigar box, and sent it to Joe Becker. Joe is an amazingly talented studio musician, and will really put that CBG through its paces.

While you’re there, please poke around his site and check out his other music and video content!


CBG Jam Tracks on YouTube

Cigar Box Nation member Turtlehead has created a YouTube channel with a bunch of cigar box guitar 12 bar backing tracks. He has several different keys and tempos, so if slow blues or swing blues is your style, he has it covered!

Check it out, and make sure to subscribe to his channel “CBG Jam Tracks”! He is looking for suggestions, so let him know if there is something you would like him to add.

CBG Jam Tracks

A ThinBucker pickup helps forecast the weather!

“The Wizard” Justin Johnson plays some haunting slide on a ThinBucker equipped 1840’s antique barometer turned into a lap steel guitar by builder Charles Atchison.


ThinBuckers in Paris!

“The Wizard” Justin Johnson filmed this clip aboard a houseboat on the River Seine in Paris, France during his 2015 European tour. He is playing a ThinBucker equipped cigar box guitar built by Gigdog Guitars.

Nothing beats a bit of funky jazz by the water!


Stevie Ray Vaughn tribute guitar

As a longtime fan of Stevie Ray, I felt moved to make a tribute guitar. I found a fellow in the UK that did wood burning, so I ordered a wooden box with that image on it. I purchased a commercially made Strat style neck, and ordered a customized engraved brass plate for the headstock, and a laser engraved neck plate.

In keeping with the Texas theme, I used brass Texas style stars for sound hole covers, and added a custom wound rosewood single coil pickup.

It was sold to a friend of mine very quickly after it was finished, so I never got a chance to do a sound check video. Maybe I can talk him into doing that for me.


S1070001 S1070002 S1070004  S1070006



Introduction to Cigar Box Guitars

Justin Johnson explains what CBGs are all about:

Instruction DVDs by Justin Johnson

Humidor Guitars is proud to offer

instructional DVDs by:

“The Wizard” Justin Johnson


For further details and ordering information,

click here:

Yes, I am still building guitars…

When I started building and selling the ThinBucker guitar pickups, I had no idea how popular they would become. I have sold over 100 of them already, and sent them all over the world.


I am still building cigar box guitars, I have just fallen behind due to the numbers of pickups I have had to build to keep up with the demand.


If you see something on my site that appeals to you, I can still take orders. I just have not been able to get any inventory guitars done.





Pennsylvania Cigar Box Guitar Festival – 2014

Here is a press conference that let’s know all about this year’s festival in York, PA.

Production Delays


Due to an influx of guitar and pickup orders, and the fact that I am moving to a new house in the coming weeks, I have fallen behind on building guitars and pickups.

If you wish to order a guitar or a pickup, please feel free. But, be aware that it will take several weeks to process your order and get it shipped.

Thanks for understanding.