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Playing the Blues on a Humidor Guitars Four String

I always love to see what my customers can do with the guitars they buy from me. Here is Buddy doing some jammin’ and slidin’ on his new Las Cabrillas cigar box guitar from Humidor Guitars.

Humidor Guitars partners with Original Flat Pup!











Humidor Guitars is proud to announce a partnership with Original Flat Pup!

Humidor Guitars will now be an official supplier for the thin Flat Pup pickups, winding pickups using Elmar’s original design and specifications.  We look forward to providing folks with the same quality and sound that they have come to expect from Original Flat Pup, as well as offering reduced shipping costs for US customers.

Initially, I will only be offering 3 and 4 string Flat Pups with aluminum or brass housings. For the time being, those who want the traditional scalloped wooden frames will need to continue to buy them from Once I get production ramped up, I may be able to offer pickups with wooden frames.

Humidor Guitars will offer both the Original Flat Pup dual coil humbucker style pickup, and the ThinTalker slim, single coil style pickup of my own design.

Pricing for US buyers will be the same as the USD prices listed on the Original Flat Pup site:

Similarly, shipping will be on a per order basis, and may depend on the number of items ordered.

Please bear with us as we work out the kinks, and feel free to contact either one of us if you have any questions.




Alyson “Nightowl” Shelton with Humidor Guitars Camacho build

Camacho cigar box

4 string maple neck

Cherry fingerboard

Single coil pickup with rosewood surround

Tone/volume controls



My buddy Ron playing a Humidor Guitars 6 String Las Cabrillas

Desperation Samba by Ron “Oily Fool” Sprague, played on a Las Cabrillas 6 string cigar box guitar built by Humidor Guitars.

Hand made maple neck, bubinga fingerboard.

Custom magnetic pickup by Don Goguen. Mojo

Bone Works custom saddle.

How To Play Blues On A 3 String Cigar Box Guitar


I find that quite a few people who see my guitars tell me they wish they could play, but don’t have the talent. To that I say,


“You can play thousands of songs with just one finger.”


Open tuning on a 3 string CBG allows the player to simply press one finger across all three strings at the same time and play a chord. Literally, there are thousands of songs that are just three chords, blues and country in particular.

Here is a video by guitar wizard Justin Johnson playing the Zombie Blues Man guitar by Humidor Guitars, and it is tailored for a beginner. Justin goes into great detail about 12 bar blues and counts out the bars for you.

He adds that extra note on the second string later on, but you could just NOT do that part and still play it just fine.





Justin Johnson Plays a Humidor Guitars Las Cabrillas Three String

Justin and Nikki stopped by my place and spent some time trying out some of my builds. Here is a clip of Justin with my Las Cabrillas three string.

I have a couple more of these under construction and should be ready for purchase in a few weeks.

They will feature a maple neck, cherry fingerboard, bone nut, Tele style hard tail bridge, flat pickup from Klangbox, tone, volume, gold tone reso screens.

The price will be $300, plus $15 shipping to the lower 48. Use the Contact Us form if you wish more information.

You can read more about Justin Johnson at:

Camacho Four String

My latest build. A Camacho box, with a maple neck, cherry fingerboard and tail piece, bone nut, rosewood pickup surround and bridge, single coil pickup.


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Justin Johnson Kickstarter Project

If you appreciate roots music, please consider supporting the Kickstarter project for Justin Johnson. This guy plays a wide variety of stringed instruments and is attempting to raise funds to record an album. Justin is amazingly talented, and if you need proof, just check on YouTube and you will see what I mean. He has only 10 days left on his project, so if you love independent roots music, and you have a couple of bucks you can spare, head on over to his Kickstarter page and pledge. He is almost there and needs your help to make his final fundraising goal. You won’t be sorry.

Las Cabrillas 3 String

The latest build.

Las Cabrillas box, maple neck, cherry fingerboard, bone nut, hard tail bridge, rosewood control cover, abalone knobs, flat pup pickup, gold reso screens.










Alec Bradley Cigar Box Amplifier

Made from an Alec Bradley Black Market box, this little amp is perfect for using around the house.

It has 2.5 watts output, which is plenty for practicing, and can get loud enough that people will yell at you to turn it down!

Powered by a 9v battery, you can take it anywhere to jam.

It features a 3.5 inch speaker, on/off volume knob, input jack, and red power LED.

$60.00 plus $12.00 shipping in the lower 48.

Send email to to purchase.

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